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Gifted and Talented


The Gifted and Talented Program gives students the opportunity to participate in learning communities that maximize their individual potential. The students are engaged in learning experiences that allow them to use their creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning skills while demonstrating their willingness and ability to plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning experiences. They are given the opportunity to successfully interact with others in enrichment activities that expose them to a broad array of academic, social, cultural and technological topics.

Students in grades 3-5 benefit from working with the Gifted and Talented teacher, Mrs. Marzano, in smaller class sizes outside the general education classroom once a week for one and half hours.  The school year is split into three units: Math, Engineering (iSTEM), and Language Arts.

The students utilize a problem-based learning approach to math while addressing the Common Core State Standards at higher grade levels.  Project M³: Mentoring Mathematical Minds is a research-based mathematics program for gifted and talented students in grades 3, 4, and 5 that is used as the cornerstone for the math unit.


Math Unit Breakdown by Grade:

3rd Grade - Measurement

4th Grade - Algebra

5th Grade - Probability

The students also experience a unit of iSTEM (integrative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) that provides opportunities to participate in the creative design process that extends the science curriculum. They use EiE: Engineering is Elementary, which is a research-based, standards-driven, and classroom-tested curriculum that integrates engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science topics, while integrating social studies and language arts.


iSTEM Unit Breakdown by Grade:

3rd Grade - Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters

4th Grade - A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil Spill

5th Grade – “Engineering Our Passion” Project


To meet the new challenges of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and 21st Century Skills, the students engage in units designed to allow them to work at higher grade levels of standards.


Language Arts Unit Breakdown by Grade:

3rd Grade - Research

4th Grade - Public Speaking

5th Grade - Debates

Grade 2 students will benefit from a G & T teacher visiting the classrooms in a push-in model to provide additional differentiated instruction in either Math or Language Arts.

The Gifted and Talented Program ensures that identified students are challenged in addition to the already rigorous elementary curriculum.  Any student in grades Kindergarten through grade five are provided the opportunity to participate in an Extension Challenge Project and are supported in their classroom by their teacher in consultation with the Gifted and Talented teacher.


Click HERE for the Extension Challenge Project


The Gifted and Talented Curriculum Guide will continue to grow and evolve as the program strives to meet the needs of its gifted learners.


Edison Township Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program: