Lighting the Path for the Future



The students have Spanish class once a week for a forty-five minute period. Spanish class is conducted in a total immersion environment where I speak, instruct and conduct all lessons and activities in Spanish.  Students are engaged in thematic units with relevant vocabulary that is spiraled, recycled and built upon from unit to unit and from year to year.

Throughout the course of the school year, students will be covering several units in each grade level:

First Grade: basic vocabulary introduction (colors, numbers, shapes, greetings), farm animals and opinion chunks, butterfly life cycle, fruits and opinions.

Second Grade: Body parts, all about me unit including physical and personality traits, activities, and opinions about activities

Third Grade: School supplies, school rules, food, the food pyramid and opinions about food

Fourth Grade: Puerto Rico (tropical fruit, carnaval, and animals that live in Puerto Rico)

Fifth Grade: Mexico (Dia de los muertos), Spanish Speaking countries, and an all about me unit encompassing all that they have learned in elementary school.


Additionally, throughout the course of the year, students accumulate the work that is completed in a notebook portfolio that travels with them from first through fifth grade.