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Lunch Order

TLunch ordering 

Breakfast and lunch will be prepackaged and offered together at no cost. Meals will be distributed only on days learning instruction is provided. Menus are posted on the Board of Education website for reference, but are subject to change. Link for menu

District lunch order form - complete for following week pick-up

Pick-up locations will be at your student's school daily between the hours of 10:00am through 12:00pm at the High Schools and Middle Schools and 11:30 AM through 1:30 PM at the Elementary Schools. If you have students in multiple schools, you can choose one pick-up location below.

NEW AS OF 11/24

The Edison Township Public Schools will also be offering 7-Day Meal Kit (7 days of breakfasts and lunches) for a weekly pick-up at no cost to parents. 

Families who are picking up meals daily may continue to do that and do not have to pick up all 7 meals at once.  In addition, students who are attending in-person learning and are currently receiving their meals at dismissal each day may continue that routine.

Please note, these 7-Day Meal Kits are being offered for pick up only at either Edison High School or John P. Stevens High School on Wednesdays during the specific times listed below.

Edison High School             10:00am – 12:00pm

JP Stevens High School      10:00am – 12:00pm and 12:30pm – 3:00pm

In order to prepare meals for pick-up, you MUST fill out the correct order form and indicate if you are picking up daily or choosing to pick up the 7-Day Meal Kits on Wednesdays at either high school. You must complete a separate form for each student in your household.  Students who are attending in-person learning do not need to complete any forms.

The deadline for submitting the first form for the 7-Day Meal Kit pick up is Tuesday November 24, 2020. Pick-up for those 7-Day Meal Kits will be on Wednesday December 2, 2020.  Each week the online forms will be updated to indicate the most recent deadlines and pick-up dates. You must complete the online forms each Tuesday for the following week.

Click here for the 7-Day Meal Kit order form or visit the District website for information.

If you have any questions, please email: