Educational Websites

Cool Educational Websites
Looking for an awesome website to practice what you know, learn something new, or play some fun games? Check out the websites below: 
 Reading - excellent site for reading practice, from letter-sound recognition, to short stories and plays - helps you find books that are appropriate for your child’s age, reading level, and/or interests - tons of fun games and learning experiences, sorted by topic or type of game - helps foster a love of reading by letting kids read with songs, stories, games, poems, and more. - free collection of books, comics, games, and activities for readers of all levels - math, phonics, Spanish, etc. – all organized by grade and subject - games to help learn and reinforce ALL subjects, from letters and colors, to animals, geography, and much more! 


Math learning games, worksheets, and activities to reinforce any lesson from school - tons of fun games to learn and practice multiplication - great site to search math content by grade and specific area to practice - shows actual video tutorials on any math or science subject you can think of - see your math textbook online, but also check out the “e-tools” link to play with virtual “manipulatives” (hands on learning, but online) - math standards and activities to align with them - thousands of interactive math lessons

Science - search for any science topic, and watch a YouTube video clip to learn about it! - has virtual “labs,”cool science activities, and resources for families - games, puzzles, activities to support scientific learning - videos, news, and photos, and tons of information about animals, nature, and earth


Social Studies - news told in a kid-friendly way, activities, and even graphic organizers to help with homework and organization / - great way to research and learn about world topics - current events and games directed for kids